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Dentistry thrives on innovation, research and exciting exchange of knowledge and sharing of enhanced skills. It serves to continually educate dental professionals on the various specialities of dental science based on scientific research and developments globally. It thus opens up new avenues of immense possibilities of better service delivery. And scientific knowledge gets translated into improved healthcare only when such knowledge and innovative ideas are translated into practical clinical use.

Hence, IDA, being an authoritative voice of the dental professionals, has set up the Dr A.P. J. Abdul Kalam Education & Research Centre and Superspeciality Dental Clinic in Mumbai for imparting dental education and infuse international quality standards through clinical trainings, while serving the needs of the people.

Consistent with the objectives of the esteemed UNIVERSITY promoting professional advancement, IDA intended to start Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Fellowship Programs. IDA is grateful to the MUHS for approving its affiliation to the centre for conduct Fellowship Courses in Dentistry.


  1. Facilitation of world class infrastructure for imparting international standard quality dental education is part of the PPP model to achieve objectives of the esteemed University as per its perspective plan 2017-22.
  2. To raise the practice standards of dental professionals.
  3. To establish as a University preferred regional education centre for imparting advanced dental educational programmes.


  1. To establish as a preferred institute known for imparting quality education in India and abroad.
  2. To establish as a majour institute affiliated to MUHS for conducting University approved Fellowship and PG programmes.
  3. To provide international standard quality education and allied services to dental fraternity.
The Training Centre is aimed at facilitating delivery of quality services. The Centre has the following facilities:
  1. The basic infrastructure to sustain preventive and restorative dental treatments & operations, including facilities for dental research, continuing education and training referred to above.
  2. Digital Training Centre equipped with pre-clinical training unit comprising a good number of simulators.
  3. Treatment Centre to offer preventive and restorative treatments, including advanced modern treatment procedures such as implant, laser therapy, etc.
  4. Operation and Surgical Theatre and its accompanying attachments
  5. Individual Dental Microscopes for pre-clinical and clinical work stations
  6. CBCT Machine
  7. A Sterilisation Chamber to carry out necessary sterilisation of instruments and tools to ensure high quality standards
  8. Digital Dental Laboratory including CAD & CAM facilities
  9. A patient education unit to educate the patients on various aspects of oral hygiene and preventive measures
  10. A Knowledge Centre aided by web-casting facilities for online/distance education
  11. A Forensic Odontology Laboratory to train dental professionals in forensic odontology and to render related services
  12. Dental Research Laboratory to promote advanced evidencebased global dental research
  13. A Digital Library and a Data Centre to aid drive dental research innovation and networking to disseminate large amounts of research data
  14. There are two lecture halls with a capacity to accommodate 100 and 35 persons respectively and a Faculty Room
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